EPUGRIND - the complete service for surface grinding and guideway grinding

A team of highly qualified experts is at your services to act as development partners. With the aid of high-performance 3D CAD systems we will create technically mature, economical solutions tailored to your precise requirements. From designs specifically optimized for grinding through FEM calculation, precision strategy, tool development and production to initial prototypes and feasibility studies, RAMPF Machine Systems provides a sound, one-stop solution to all your needs.


  • Designs specially optimized for grinding
  • FEM calculation
  • Precision strategy
  • Tool development and production to initial protoypes
  • Feasibility studies

Qualified advice

  • concerning material choice
  • concerning designs for grinding


In our fully air conditioned production hall, precision flat grinding machines are on hand for machining large-volume machine components made of mineral casting, hard stone and metallic materials in dimensions of up to 7,000 x 2,650 x 2,000 mm and weights of up to 25,000 kg.


Compliance with the stringent surface roughness and precision requirements imposed on surfaces is achieved by means of manual lapping.


Precision in the micron range is documented with extreme accuracy at our fully air-conditioned measurement workstations by means of autocollimators and electronic inclination scales.


As a system supplier, we carry out component and module assembly and logging processes in our air conditioned assembly rooms in line with your specifications.

Inspection of measuring devices

We offer inspection and reworking services for measurement plates, straightness and angle standards. These services are also available on site depending on the ambient conditions and quality category.

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